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Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Yoko Ono...
Look! It's Yoko Ono! Screech! Yell!
On Saturday one of the acts performing at Purple In The Park was Yoko Ono. Now she has been known as a bit of a mad old fox at times so it's good that we will get a chance to reassess her work via her recent Greatest Hits/Dance Remix project. I'd heard that she'd played at Crash the previous week and apparently cleared the dance floor so our hopes weren't particularly high. I'd hoped she would perform Walking On Thin Ice too but sadly she stuck to her new dance mixes of Open The Box and another one, the lyrics of which I didn't quite catch (!) To be quite honest Ian and I were more than impressed simply that a) she turned up at all (let's face she doesn't need the money) & b) she could still screech the house down like a banshee. Full marks to her for effort though - even if it all fell on rather deaf ears on Saturday. [And thanks to Marky for taking the pix!]

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