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Friday, June 28, 2002

25 hour day...
I want to start a campaign for a 25 hour day. Let's face it we could all do with an extra hour a day to get stuff done. Or an hour's more sleep in the mornings, an extra hour in the evenings to go out, more time to stay in and read or just more time to watch TV. We would have to be able to insert the extra hour at any time throughout the day of course. What would you do with your extra hour?

- inserted it between alarm going off time and getting up time? (one for David I think!)
- use it to double your lunch hour at work?
- use it to have a longer evening session in the pub with friends?
- stay up an hour later?
- an hour's extra 'snuggling' with your partner?
- save your unused extra hours and redeploy them to extend the weekend?
- sell your extra hour to other people for cash? Time is money after all

It would certainly add more meaning to the term "flexi-time". Einstein had the right idea.

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