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Monday, June 03, 2002

Purple In The Park...
The main stageThis weekend promised to be a corker as a) we have four days off work, and b) the weather was promised to be good. And sure enough on Saturday the sun was beating down and the everything was set for Purple In The Park. First off though I went down to see Adrian and Karl's new gaff in Brixton Hill for a BBQ. I'd lost touch a bit with Ade over the last year or so as he and I used to meet up every Wednesday evening for a games night. Their place is more of a house than a flat with a really nice garden too. More importantly he has Super Monkey Ball for his GameCube which I've not seen yet so Ade and I have promised to get together this week for games. Watch this space.

Marky came down to Brixton a bit later in the afternoon and we met up to wander over to Brockwell Park where the main festivities were taking place. The queue was enormous (some people said later that they queued for over an hour to get in) which was odd as a few hours later the place looked rather deserted. It was 20 squid to get in (slightly cheaper in advance) but we had sorted out freebies so were spared that expense at least. The drinks were all by 'Bar Tokens' which regular readers will know I have complained about before. 1-50 a token, 2 tokens a drink. RIP OFF!

We wandered around the tents; Crash, Heaven, Popstars, Coco Latte, Salvation and through some of the stalls occasionally bumping into people we knew and stopping ang chatting. It was all pleasant enough but somehow pervaded with this feeling of 'we've done this so many times before'. It was especially nice to catch up with Michael and Tim though as we hadn't seen either of them in ages.
I just can't resist someone in a stupid costume Or dressed as a koala
After some frantic texting and phone messaging we eventually met up with Ian, David and S-BOD (aka Marcus) in front of the main stage. The five of us watched Angie Brown, Rozalla and Kim Mazelle prance around to rather lame and aging dance material before we all wandered off in search of something more stimulating.
The Gang Of Four Marky has this knack of making my day worthwhile
Later on we reconvened back in front of the stage again to watch first Yoko Ono and then Grace Jones. More on them later.

By 10:30pm everything was over and we decided that an early night was in order and headed off to Brixton tube. Along with thousands of others. Luckily we hopped on a bus, sneaked in the tube station quite easily and were home within the hour.

Ben had just got in from a gig and a couple of bottles of vino and so he, Sarah, Marky and I stayed up chatting, drinking and playing games until the wee small hours. I say the wee small hours. What I mean is at 3:30am we decided that we'd all better go to bed as we were throwing a party the next morning!


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