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Friday, June 07, 2002

Billie Ray Martin / Repulsion...

On Sunday night Marky and I went to The Electric Cinema courtesy of the wonderful Darren to see Billie Ray Martin do a live scoring to Polanski's 1965 B/W horror classic Repulsion.

The Electric is quite something. Since the recent refit it now has leather armchairs with leather footstools that you can slouch in with tables for food and drink. It has a bar inside the auditorium and you have loads of room to move about. On Sunday it was a bit like travelling first class rather than steerage.

Billie Ray Martin herself was sensational. The film's sound was muted completely and Billie Ray and her pianist performed all the mood music and songs to accompany the narrative. Catherine Deneuve's slow decent into madness was gleefully supported by Billie's haunting renditions of Your Loving Arms, Talking With Myself, Solitaire, This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us and (perhaps inevitably) Losing My Mind and Crazy.

We came out of the cinema beaming. A great venue, a great film and a great performance by La Martin. Thanks, Darren.

That's three female icons I've seen singing this week alone. A diva a day keeps the blues away.

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