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Thursday, June 06, 2002

Bartholomew Fair...
On Tuesday afternoon to celebrate the Queen's Golden Jubilee we went to the Bartholomew Fair that was held over two days. Barts Fair was started by Henry I's court jester like a zillion years ago and has recently been revived. It was a right royal knees up with a Golden Jubilee Street Party, 1950s street scenes and actors, Pearly Kings and Queens, magicians, fortune tellers, make-up artists, gourmet food stalls, craft stalls, a food court, numerous bars, all open in and around Smithfield Market. They had a carousel, a big wheel, children's rides, a big TV screen showing national events, a youth swing band, a calypso and skiffle band, a bollywood brass band and a dance exhibition and classes to learn the jitterbug, jive and skiffle.
First held hundreds of years ago I was so tempted to pinch one of their bums The place was packed We were actually watching Punch & Judy Some big Queen, eh?
Ready to go Oh dear. I think I screwed up You certainly did. The net is still on you div! They make their policemen talk round here Police move on an aging prozzie
No, this is *not* going to be my new gaydar picture I like having my picture taken with morons This guy was pretty drunk Cute policeman. Had my picture taken with him four times You muppets!
We had a lovely time. We went down there with Chris and Stu and really got into the party atmosphere. Thanks to Marky for taking the snaps.

Later on we went back to the boys' flat where Tim joined us and we watched Concorde and The Red Arrows fly over head. Quite a moving moment. And I have to confess that when the Queen appeared on her balcony waving to where the masses below sang Land Of Hope And Glory it brought a tear to my well-jaded eye.

How dio you spend the Jubilee?

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