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Thursday, June 06, 2002

Grace Jones...
Barking mad but fun to watchThe other diva on stage last Saturday at Purple In The Park was Grace Jones. She was headlining and so due on last. We gathered round the main stage waiting for her to come on. And waited. And waited.

Someone said that she had been known to be three hours late. Pah!

As we waited her stage was gradually erected. A giant black staircase lead from stage-left up to stage-right with just five large steps. A massive drum kit was put up on one side and a percussion kit on the other. Still we waited.

Eventually she arrived. Looking, I have to admit, quite fabulous. She commanded the stage and strutted about like she owned in. She wore a different hat for each number and quite amazing they looked too.

The running order held no surprises but was well received. She started with Nightclubbing, a rather fumbled Slave To The Rhythm, a lovely Walking In The Rain, a big cheer went up for La Vie En Rose, the sublime Pull Up To The Bumper, my favourite I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango) and a rousing singalong to Warm Leatherette.

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