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Friday, June 21, 2002

England vs Brazil...
We're reached the Quarter Finals! In 10 mins we play what may be the biggest challenge of the competition. Brazil are the favourites in the World Cup. Marky and I sitting on the sofa at home trembling with excitement and expectation. It should be a great match.

UPDATE: YES! Emile Heskey plays a diagonal ball forward to Michael Owen. Brazil defender Lucio fails to control and Owen seizes his opportunity, speeding forward before chipping the ball over Marcos from nine yards. England are in the lead after 23 mins. 1-0.

UPDATE HALF-TIME: Brazil have just pulled one back to make it 1-1. Rivaldo in the 47th minute. Pah! The commentators estimate that 30 million people in the UK are watching the match. That's half the population.

UPDATE: An exciting start to the second half. Brazilian Ronaldinho has just scored again 5 minutes in. Direct from a free-kick. It was a very good goal. So that's 2-1 to Brazil.

UPDATE: Then 7 minutes after that the ref sends off (completely unfairly in my opinion) the Brazilian scorer Ronaldinho for a stamp on Danny Mills. Brazil are now down to 10 men. I think we have 12 men on the pitch (as they say).

FULL-TIME: Despite a good second half we failed to pull back at equalizer. So we're out. Well played lads!

Now to head off into the delayed rush-hour.

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