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Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Davo leaving. Again!...
Last night was Pop Quiz at the Retro Bar. David and I didn't win - but we didn't mind as the real reason we were down there was to bid welcome (and indeed farewell) to Davo - fresh back from the European leg of his "Sex With Barnyard Animals" World Tour - and today off to plough his furrow deep through the warm, rich field that is the New York livestock swingers scene. Aided, abetted and hosted by the rather wonderful Sparky.
SHOCK NEWS!: Beer glass gets grafted on to Dave's face The Fletcher Memorial Home for the Terminally Bewildered
All the bloggers you could possibly want to shake a stick at where there last night to make sure Davo actually left for good this time (namely: Michael, Simon, Tom, Meg, Ian, Luke, Catherine, Scally, Iain and me.)

I took some more snaps at the pub and I've used the Windows XP slide show wizard (lazy git that I am) to make an ickle slide show of the rest of the pictures. Bigger versions by request.

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