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Thursday, June 27, 2002

Ha bloody ha...
Last night we had dinner with some friends. The topic of conversation came round to that gay man's favourite the 1977 production of Abigail's Party (soon to be on at the Hampstead Theatre). What were the characters called? We could get all but one and it was bugging us - big time. I texted both David and Ian not realising (stupidly) that they were out on a bar crawl together. So perhaps their answers were inevitably the same. Not only that but Marcus also chipped in with the same answer confirming that he was with them (and he wasn't even asked the question!)

My question: Sue, Abigail (who we never see), Ange, Tony, Lawrence and ...?

The boys' collective answers? Tibuktu (!)

Do you know the correct answer? (of course you do, that's her in the red dress, the monster)

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