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Friday, June 14, 2002

This is someone I went to school with...
Stuart Elms
In brief, since leaving school I have worked myself up from nothing to extreme poverty. On top of that I am now fat and bald. But there is more.
I am currently getting my life back together training to be a monk, in Tihsllub monastery, Cyprus.
Great to know so many of you are doing so well, and are so successful.
I however, took lifes rocky root,(and I don't mean doing boxing films!)
After leaving school I fell into bad company, robbing old ladies, telephone and charity boxes, etc, finally getting caught and being put away. In prison I made friends with a 'Mr Big' in the crime world. When we got out I went with him on to bigger jobs until we did the one that set me up!! (There's still gold stashed in Stevenage!)
I then moved to Brazil, while the dust settled. Unfortunately, the underworld still appealed to me, I ran hookers, drug cartels, dry-cleaners and printed funny money. On a 'trip' to Nigeria I found my salvation in the 'Impala tribe' (I supplied them with guns + bombs for their struggle to become a republic) here I teamed up with a mercenary, Georges Flopadopalis, we became good friends. After the republics fight was won, he invited me back to run his kebab shop in Cyprus. Serving doners and shish in Slapper Nappa I reflected on what a boring life I had led. In the year 2000 what does a 38 year old virgin do?
I decided to turn to God and have now found myself. I have realised the error of my ways and as part of the cleansing of myself I would like to apologise to all the people I upset while I was at Longmeadow and Alleynes.
see you all in heaven!! remember Jesus Loves You and so does Stuart!!!!!!!!

Can you believe it?

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