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Wednesday, June 19, 2002

The New Soft Cell Album...
The Theatre of Marc Almond web site has some good news for we eager SC fans.
"The new Soft Cell album 'Cruelty Without Beauty' will be released on September 2nd on the Cooking Vinyl label. The single 'Monoculture' will precede the album with a release date set for August 19th. Both will be world-wide releases, further details of the release territories and the respective labels can be seen on the Cooking Vinyl web site:
The track listing for the album is:
1.Darker Times
3.Le Grand Guignol
4.The Night
5.Last Chance
6.Together Alone
8 Whatever It Takes
9. All Out Of Love
10.Sensation Nation
11.Caligula Syndrome
12.On An Up

The Cooking Vinyl details on Soft Cell seem to be a little out of date I think. It states, "In April this year Mercury are releasing a TV advertised collection of remixes including a Gorrilaz (sic) mix of "Tainted Love". The only previous remix of the song went straight to number one in 1991." Which I'm not sure is strictly accurate.

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