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Saturday, June 08, 2002

Split me down the middle Big Brother...
We've just got back from the pub and been watching Big Brother. It's later today that the remaining 10 housemates will have to contend with a new challenge - the division of the house into two. Prison-like glass bars will separate one group of housemates, who will live in luxury, from the other group - who will have to survive on subsistence rations. The five winners of Saturday evening's task, a basketball hoop challenge, will enjoy comfortable furniture, the better bedroom, the pool and a £400 housekeeping allowance, as well as hot water in the morning and evenings. But the other five will have no cash and no hot water - and will have to depend on the vegetable garden and their chickens for eggs, to supplement basics like rice and pasta. "When we said Big Brother was getting tougher this is what we meant," said Phil Edgar-Jones, the show's executive producer. Maybe it'll liven up what is actually becoming a rather boring show at times.

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