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Monday, June 03, 2002

The Breakfast Club...
Sunday morning we got up early (how exactly I'm not sure) to cook breakfast for the 5000. We'd invited any footie fans we knew round to watch the England-Sweden game and promised them all breakfast. Some turned up early, some turned up late, some turned up with champagne, most turned up with hangovers. The party was a success. The match less so. We drew 1-1 which was frankly a disappointing result. We'd dominated the first half and should have scored more than our single goal. The second half was sad to watch. We let change after chance slip away and Sweden started to take control. After they scored their equalizer in the 60th minute our goose was cooked. We have to play better against Argentina and Nigeria if we stand a hope of getting through to the next round.

The breakfast party continued well beyond the end of the match and soon the beer and wine started to flow. The last person left at 4:30 and I headed down to the RVT to give Marky a chance to get his head down for a couple of hours. The RVT was rammed so I sat on the grass and caught up with Ian, David, S-BOD and Andy. Come 8:30pm it was time to head off again to go meet Marky and see a film. More of that later.

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