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Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Party at the Palace...
Last night's overlong Party at the Palace was sycophantic nonsense. That said we were in hysterics at some parts. What a wonderful celebration of great British acts, I say ironically. The evening began on stage with Ricky Martin - that well-known British act. The average age of the artists must have been over 60. They dug up Rod Stewart (to cover his own song), Elton John (to promote his new LP), Queen (to promote their new musical We Will Rock You), Paul McCartney (to embarrass himself, us and the Queen), Tony Bennet (old crooners never die it seems), Tom Jones (like watching your grandparents have sex), Cliff Richard (another sexless pensioner), Joe Cocker (still singing that one song are we?), The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson (lost the plot), The Corrs (waste of space), Bryan Adams (don't do anything for us ever again!), Annie Lennox (ok-ish) etc..

Vaguely watchable bits were Will Young (he can sing at least), S Club 7 (best pop song of the night with Don't Stop Movin'), Blue (started a competition in our house to think of all the bands that had colours in their names; Black, Green Day, Yello, White Town, Simply Red, King Crimson etc etc) and Ozzy Osbourne (bat munching show stealer).

The one saving grace was at the end though. The night finished with a spectacular firework display from the top on Buckingham Palace which was really quite amazing. At one point the palace almost seemed to be on fire. Ha! Now that would have been an ending worth watching.

Despite all my carping though I do have a little bit of bonhomie for the monarchy. It's just the way these Royal events get celebrated I find a little crass. A bit more irony wouldn't go amiss.

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