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Saturday, June 15, 2002

England vs Denmark...
The match kicks off at 12:30 London time today. We have to win to make it through to the next round. Hopes are high but Denmark are a strong team (they came top of their group). We're having some people round to watch the match and have some food. Should be fun.

UPDATE HALF-TIME: Wow! We are winning 3-0. A lucky, messy goal by Ferdie after 5 mins, a brilliant left-footer by Owen and then a classic one-two from Beckham to Heskey's right foot. Denmark are in tatters. The rain is pouring down too. The shirts are clinging to their torsos. A match for everyone! Can't wait til the second half.

UPDATE FULL-TIME: YES! We won 3-0. Going out for a beer!

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