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Tuesday, June 18, 2002

I got a begging letter through the post from MIND the other day. I opened it and a blue balloon fell out. "Don't read this letter until you've inflated the balloon and don't tie a knot in it", it said in large type. Not wishing to ruin any potential surprise I duly blew up the balloon to reveal large white words printed on it DIVORCE, STRESS, HEALTH, MONEY, UNEMPLOYMENT, MORTGAGE, BEREAVEMENT, FAMILY. "To you", the letter said, "these are just words. But to some they are at the heart of a nervous breakdown". I studied the balloon for a bit and read on. "Just as the words grow larger with the balloon, so someone's problems can seem greater as the pressure increases," it said. I skimmed through the rest of the letter "...halfway-house...suicide...helpline..." and after the final plea for money there was a PS: "You can let the air out of the balloon now. As you do so please think about how quickly the pressure of someone's problems can be released with the time, care and special understanding your gift can give today." I let go of the balloon and it rocketed round the room for a few seconds like a madly farting bluebottle before hitting a window pane and collapsing to the floor in a wet heap.

I resolved to put a couple of quid in a MIND tin next time I saw one.

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