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Monday, June 17, 2002

All change...
I hate carrying cash. By that I mean change. Coins. Coins feel uncomfortable in my pocket, stretch my suit (when I need to wear one) and are generally fiddly and hard to use in the sort of places I frequent (the dark and twisted places anyway). So what I generally do when I crawl home from wherever I've been out is to empty my pockets and sling the change into a cup on the mantelpiece. I tend to pick out the one pound coins and the silver to buy my lunch the next day so generally it's just the coppers that are left.

When the cup got full I put another next to it and started using that. When that got full I used a clear plastic sandwich box. And when that got full simply piled it up wherever there was room.

Last week we decided to have a bit of a tidy up and part of that was to bag up all the loose change and take it to the bank. It took us four hours for the two of us to do and in the end we discovered we had thousands of coins. Many 1p and 2p pieces. I almost injured my back carrying it all into work today. The bank teller wasn't too happy as she had to weigh each bag to make sure we had counted them correctly. Luckily we had. And we ended up with over two hundred and twenty pounds worth of coins. Yikes!

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