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Tuesday, June 11, 2002

That time of year...
Talking of birthday's it was Gordon's 40th birthday on Friday and Nikki's on Sunday. Both were having parties on Saturday night so in true social butterfly style we went to both. First was Gordon's which was held at their lovely luxury Clerkenwell apartment (that often appears in adverts), buckets of champagne, posh nibbles, a doorman with an earpiece, friends mixing with family members and a very swish waiter service. After a couple of hours we moved on to Nikki's do at the Grafton Arms near Warren Street. The place was packed, we drank beer, ate chips and crab sticks, indulged in much drunken revelry with loads of laughing friends. Both very different events and both great fun. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU BOTH!

We'd got chatting to a guy, Brian, at Gordon's do earlier and he asked if we were going out later. I gave him some directions to somewhere we might end up. He didn't seem to be taking it in though. Later that night after dropping Nikki off after her do with armfuls of presents we just so happened to pop into this place that I'd mentioned to Brian earlier. And he just so happened to pop in there too. Which was nice. Coincidentally there was a 40th birthday bash going on there too.

Bizarrely we all ended up playing iSketch (don't ask). I have David to blame for my reawaking to that particular time-wasting activity!

Drew was with us too and he and I stayed up later playing Fusion Frenzy on the Xbox till the sun came up. Top night.

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