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Friday, October 12, 2001

Shy? Me?...
A TV production company, Ricochet Films, who are making a film for Channel Four about sportswear and trainers fetishs have asked me if I would like to be filmed getting ready for Sports And Shorts i.e. climbing into my football kit and to have a chat about my love of sports kit. As I mentioned before their filming has been brought forward from the December event to the October one in just two weeks time.

Hi Jonathan

Thanks for chatting on the phone today and sending your article-very sexy stuff!

As you sounded so effevescent I was wondering if we could make your kit interest into more of a larger item by maybe interviewing you at home, getting ready and going to the Sports and shorts. It would be great if your boyfriend would join you getting ready (would he usually?) and if you can let me know if he wants to be interiewed that would be great. If you would also talk about the sexual side of your fetish as well as your football interests maybe tell us about your experience (the naked truth) we can make u into a football fetish star! It would be great if I could meet up with you and talk about this further.

I look forward to your response

Amory Peart
Ricochet Films

My first reaction was YES! YES! YES! because I'm basically an exhibitionist at heart. Marky's first reaction was NO! NO! NO! as he is basically a shy, retiring kind of a guy and he doesn't want to be involved in something that might get used, abused and misrepresented on some sorrid TV show. Being sensible I completely understand where he's coming from and so we will probably have to decline their offer of both being filmed together at home. An exhibitionist I may be, but I wouldn't do anything to upset Marky or involve him in anything that might do so.

This may mean they don't want to use me as they can't film me at home - which I would quite understand. However if they do still want me I'll have to get changed somewhere else. In a cab? On the tube? In the street? Shy? Me? :)

UPDATE: The film company just e-mailed me - Is there a friend of yours who also has a kit fetish who would be willing to let us film you talking and getting changed? If anyone wants to be in the film let me know!

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