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Thursday, October 04, 2001

Those little fuckers...
Scally and Bruce were mugged last night. Believe me, my thoughts are with you guys.

About five years ago the same thing happened to me just yards from my front door. I was in shock for days afterwards. I couldn't walk down my own street without feeling paralysed with fear. It was that attack that prompted us to move to 'a nicer part of town'. But of course there are no 'nice parts of town'. You could get mugged anywhere. In a crowded street even. People just stop and watch and don't do a thing. They're scared of getting hurt. And who can blame them? But it makes you feel very much alone. Vunerable to any little fucker that wants to have a go. And to make matters worse the clean up rate for crime in London is a meer 25%.

Even after all these years I still look behind me when I walk down dark streets.

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