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Thursday, October 18, 2001

Star Trek: Enterprise...
I watched a couple of the new Star Trek:Enterprise episodes, 'Strange New World' and 'Fight Or Flight' last night. I'm going to watch the first two episodes 'Broken Bow Part I & II' tonight.
Just a few comments.
� Generally plots are OK, but scripts are terrible.
� What's this with a depressed argon-loving slug that's off it's food. And they leave it on just any old planet. Hello? Prime Directive?
� That stupid translator women picks up a gun and says, "What's this?". Hello? Didn't you get any training?
� Jokes like, "You've been watching too much Sci-Fi" aren't funny when you're watching crap Sci-Fi.
� Hello? Just how many people are there that ship? Six?
� Is the captain going to keep wanting to just rush down to the planet/on to the alien ship/do stupid things all the time? It's going to get a bit boring.
� Why is the first 20 minutes always so crap (no, not 'ironic' or 'funny' just crap), the next 20 minutes only slightly better and last 20 minutes always action.
� Are they in a rut already?
� Why do they have table-clothes at dinner? Is this The Waltons?
� It's Dark Star but without the humour.
� It's Alien without the Alien.
� It's X-Files (autopies, smoke, torches et al) without the 'X' and without the 'Files'.
� Where's all the money gone - it sure ain't up there on the screen.
� Have they killed the franchise? I bloody hope not.

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