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Sunday, October 28, 2001

On my mark...ACTION! (Part II)
The film crew picked me up at 7pm last night and whisked off to a secret location (well, a flat in Highbury) to be filmed getting changed into my kit and talking a bit more about why footie kit is sexy. They were very interested in finding out about what went on in sports clubs like 'Sports and Shorts' and I assured them that no sex went on. Well, not usually anyway! They asked me about this web site and I read some of it out to them which they loved. They even said they would put my URL on screen. Yeah, right! Like that's going to happen!

Later we headed off to The Stag in Victoria to 'Sports and Shorts' proper. The place was not as busy as usual but more than I feared it would be. The combination of it being 'invitation only' and the fact that there were lots of parties on in town that night meant that the numbers were down. Initially anyway. Mark told me that while some people didn't want to come because Channel Four were filming others had made a special trip down there for exactly the same reason. So by 11pm to place was getting pretty busy. Iain and Scally were both there with their respective beaux. It was too noisy to do any sound recording inside so the crew just shot video inside. The crew also went outside and did some vox pop with a number of people who volunteered. In fact they were queuing up to say their piece. 'Football kit is the new leather', 'football kit is set to take over the gay scene' and all that bollocks. I was getting a bit bored of it all by then to be honest. I'd been asked the same questions all day and had really done the subject to death. So I just hung around the bar and got drunk at Channel Four's expense.

Later on when the crew came back inside they tried to do a set-up piece with someone fondling my bum. Like I had to asked twice! I think they wanted to try and play up the sexual aspect of the place - whereas it's really just a fun night of drinking and mucking about. Setting up the shot was all a bit staged in that 'lights! camera! action!' kind of a way. Eventually they got the shot they were after though. The found some cute boy to do the fondling so I mustn't grumble. He gave me a hard-on but sadly once the shot was over I couldn't see my new found friend for dust. Telly tart! (Takes one to know one, I suppose!). I can see his gaydar profile now:-
Name: Joel
Dick Size: Large
Special Interests: Buttock fondling, being on telly

The crew left just after midnight but the presenter, Amory and I stayed on to the bitter end. If I'd known I had two hours of nightbussing it across town in the driving rain ahead of me in order to get home then I'd have left earlier. But back at the pub we tucked into another round of free drinks and chatted about how the had gone day. Amory seemed to think it had all gone very well and thanked me for my input. He said that the 7 hours of filming would be condensed down to about 5-7 minutes and the show would be screened some time in the Sprint of next year. Just before he left, Amory said, "Did you enjoy the day? Would you put anything differently?" and before I got a chance to answer he said, "Not that it matters now of course, we're got your signed release form!"

Why does that not fill me with confidence? Oh well. I can expect a few I-told-you-so's no doubt.

Is there anything I would put differently? Yes, probably. Would I do it all again? Definitely.

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