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Monday, October 15, 2001

Thank you...
...to all who all contributed to what was for me a fabulous weekend.

Friday: Met up with Colin and Martin in the Eddie for a few swift pints before going on to The Artful Dodger for pool and 'more'. Steamed home at 2-30am.

Saturday: Marky and I went to lunch in New Cross Gate to see Tim and Claudia and their new bundle oj joy, Kye. In the evening we went to Nikki's for dinner with Colin, Peter then on to the Two Bridges Dining Club to celebrate Ross's birthday. Despite the price of the drinks we got plastered. Finally came rolling home at 3am.

Sunday: Down to the Vauxhall to meet up with Drew, Ian, David and Marcus and then on to Duke's to play pool. On the way home I bumped into Francesco who invited my back to his for a smoke and a sniff. Floated home at 2am.

What with all this steaming, rolling and floating I think my liver needs a holiday. Anyone else have a weekend of excess?

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