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Thursday, October 25, 2001

A good night all round…
Last night was Bar Code’s “5th birthday party”. In fact that was a bit a misnomer as it wasn’t actually the correct date for their birthday. They had brought it forward from 12th December to last night as business has been bad recently and they wanted to pep things up a bit. Get a few more punters in. And selling all drinks at £1 was a sure fire way of doing this. The place was packed.

It was great to spend time with Mark, Will, Paul (fwoah!), Colin, Carl, Ian, Roger, Michael, Steve, Terry and, towards the end, David and Marcus.

To top the night off Arsenal won 3-1 at home. Just the score they needed to take them through into the second phase of the Champions League. We love you Thierry Henry for your injury-time winner. Go Gunners! Go!

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