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Saturday, October 20, 2001

So many men, so little time...
Last night was fun. We went to the Ram Bar for a Sports And Shorts friendly. When I say 'we', what started out as "I'm going to the Ram Bar tonight' turned into 'the world and his wife are going to the Ram Bar tonight'. We almost had to hire a bus. When we got there the place was packed already. Cute boys in football and rugby tops. Hmmm. It was nice to see Mark, Drew, Christopher, Colin, Martin, Ross, Stephen, Neil, Mark, Kevin and to meet Des, Simon, Richard, David, Peter, Ashley and especially Duncan (ginger). [God! This is beginning to sound like one of Uncle Hedgehog's people lists!] I would have had more time to socialise but I started playing pool and by some fluke couldn't seem to put a ball wrong. Nine straight games without losing, I retired undefeated. We moved en masse to the Artful Dodger at midnight to continue with some more jolly japez and wizard weez. In bed by 4am. Smiling broadly.

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