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Tuesday, October 02, 2001

Cookie Monster...
When I got into work today I had a new shiny disk of Windows XP Release Candidate 2 waiting for me (I would have had it some time earlier but MS TechNet ceased my TechNet Plus sub for some reason best known to themselves). Having now seemlessly upped my Whistler Beta 2 to Windows XP Professional RC2 I see many improvements. They've fixed a bunch of stuff that really needed fixing and as a whole I'd say it's more or less ready to ship. I can see why it went Gold soon after this build was released. For me the single most important thing that got broke in Beta 2 and which has now been fixed in RC2 is the cookies. They now work. About bloody time. So now I can now Blog, order from Sainsbury's and download cracks from Astalavista again without moving a buttock. Life is sweet.

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