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Friday, October 26, 2001

Strange package...
This morning I got a call from front desk. I had a package to be collected from goods in on the ground floor. The normal delivery guy didn't want to bring it up. Odd, I thought. So I went down thinking, 'what a lazy git'. When I got down there they showed me the package. It was from the Middle East. No big deal. I work for a Saudi company. It’s not unusual for me to get packages from the Middle East. No reason for him to be worried. No reason at all. Funny how perfectly rational people behave irrationally in times of war. Idiot. Lazy idiot.
Strange package
OK so I’m back in my office and the package has been sitting on my desk all morning. Funny how I haven’t got round to opening it yet? Me? Worried? No, no I’ve just been too busy. Far too busy. I’ll wait until I’ve eaten my sandwich anyway. Then maybe I’ll open it later. Or maybe on Monday. Or get someone else to do it.
OK, I’m the idiot.

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