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Friday, October 05, 2001

Barmey people who are married to other barmey people...
Tonight Ian, Paul and I are going to see Laurie Anderson at the Royal Festival Hall perform from her latest ouevre 'Life On A String'. I've banged on about my love for all things Laurie before so I won't again. But suffice to say I'm a fully paid up member of The Other Fanderson (no, not that one).

I was talking to Mark a while back and I happened to mention that Laurie Anderson's husband was Lou Reed. His flabber had never been so gasted. He loves Lou Reed and hates Laurie Anderson so he just couldn't believe it. Nevertheless it is true.

A couple of weeks ago Kit told me that Toyah Wilcox is married to Robert Fripp. It was my turn to have a gaster all but flabbered. I hate born-again Toyah Wilcox and I love Robert Fripp so I just couldn't believe it. Nevertheless it is true.

Do any of you know of any other famous barmey couplings that I should know about?

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