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Thursday, October 04, 2001

He must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel...
I got this missive last week.
Hello Jonathan,
I very much enjoyed your site. My name is Adam Reed. I am involved in a research project of the department of sociology at the University of Surrey. We are concerned to explore the links between uses of new media technologies and senses of place and community in London. As part of that work, I have become interested in blogging or personal publishing as a form of creative engagement. I hope to speak to as many bloggers or personal publishers as possible [I have so far interviewed Meg of notsosoft, Tom of Plasticbag, David of Swishcottage, Luke of Luklog, Vaughan of Whereveryouare, Marcia of Dutchbint, Dave of Brainsluice, Matt of Interconnected, Fraser of Blogjam]. I was wondering whether you might be willing to meet up in order to discuss your site and blogging more generally?
If you have further queries I am very happy to answer them; or alternatively you could visit our site at the Sociology department page [www.soc.surrey.ac.uk], click on 'Research groups', then on 'INCITE', then on 'Urban Mobilities'.
I hope to hear back from you.
Dr Adam Reed,
Department of Sociology,
University of Surrey,

And I am meeting him tonight for a chin wag. I guess I'd better get my thoughts in order. Cue my rant about why I think blogging is just vanity publishing dressed as self expression :-)

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