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Tuesday, October 16, 2001

Gary Lineker's crotch...
I went hotfoot from work to BBC Television Centre in White City last night to see this Friday's sports quiz 'They Think It's All Over' being recorded. My friend Ben was on the panel along with regulars David Gower, Jonathan Ross, Rory McGrath and the gorgeous Gary Lineker. Nick Hancock was in the driving seat and the other guest was Paula Radcliffe - the runner whose husband had a go at her when she went too late in a race in World Championships earlier in the year.

The sports quiz itself had little to do with sport - or a quiz. It was two hours of foulmouthed tirades and the swapping of crude and childish insults. Great fun!

Afterwards I got chatting to Rory McGrath in the Green Room (the way you do). I asked him if he remembered me from being on 'Right To Reply’, which he used to present, many years ago. He did. I had been on complaining about ITV Sports' coverage of the Michael Watson boxing match where he was almost fatally knocked unconscious. Grege Dyke was my sparing partner. Rory told me something I wish I had known then. Dyke, the then head of ITV Sport and now in charge of the BBC, omitted to mention certain details that implicated them in the lack of help given to Michael Watson after he collapsed. If I had known that then I would have given Dyke the roasting he so richly deserved.

The Green Room was really packed; you had to push your way through the crowd to get to the bar or even find a place to stand. At one point Gary Lineker pushed past me holding some drinks above his head. As he did so he accidentally brushing his groin against my arse as he passed. I felt a surge of electricity through my whole body. And went very weak at the knees. It was the high point of a fantastic evening.

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