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Wednesday, October 10, 2001

“It wouldn’t be a pop teasers night without a cock up on the decks…”
blogadoon, swishcottage, scally, brainsluice and I all made appearances at last night’s Pop Quiz. Dave wisely joined Mark and his friend Simon to form one team and we other four formed our own. Unfortunately Wendy wasn’t compering so we had both a guest complier and a guest MC.

The first round was name the artist, name the song and get the brackets right. Can you fill in the blanks? The three songs were:-
1. Gary Glitter – I’m The Leader Of The Gang (......)
2. A Flock Of Seagulls – Wishing (……)
3. The Stranglers – (……) Grip (……)
The second round was Kraftwerk singing the same song in three different languages. We got these easily enough: French, German and Japanese.
Then we had the numbers round. Three songs all sung by artists with numbers in their names. We had to add up the three numbers to get a total. What is that total, can you guess? The songs were:-
1. ‘My Own Private Idaho’
2. ‘Wall Street Shuffle’
3. ‘I Love A Man In A Uniform’
The odd one out round was easy enough. Can you spot it?
1. ‘Here Comes The Sun’ – The Beatles
2. ‘It’s Raining Men’ – The Weather Girls
3. ‘It’s Raining Again’ – Supertramp
Next we had three covers questions. Blur doing Rod Stewart’s 'Maggie May', The Smiths doing Twinkle’s ‘Golden Lights’ and The Goodies doing The Troggs’ ‘Wild Thing’ (which for a bonus point you needed to know was actually an original song by The Wild Ones).
The film adaptation round was three 1970s ITV comedy series made into films. They were Man About The House, Rising Damp and On The Buses.
Then we had a progressive rock round where we successfully identified Yes, Jethro Tull and Genesis.
The next round was to spot the correct UK release order of these four T Rex tracks. Can you get it right? We didn’t!
A. Get It On
B. New York City
C. Children Of The Revolution
D. Ride A White Swan
The ‘what happens next’ round was from The Wombles singing ‘Remember You’re A Womble’. What are the seven words that lead up to the chorus? (easy this).
The ‘spot the connection’ round was easy too. Can you guess the connection?
1. ‘Working For The Yankee XXXXXX’ – The Skids
2. The Six Million XXXXXX Man theme
3. ‘Hand Held In Black And White’ – XXXXXX
The final round was to guess what was the A-side of the three 1980s B-sides and guess the year. The B-sides were:-
1. Hard Times – The Human League
2. Faster Than Night – Duran Duran
3. Beat My Guest – Adam And The Ants
Can you guess the A-sides of each of these and the year they were all hits?

We got a respectable sixteen and a half out of twenty-one. There was tie-break as two teams got eighteen and a half though. Luckily the eventual winners chose the 'wrong' envelope so the money rolls over. All £29 of it.

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