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Monday, October 22, 2001

Jonathan helps out in class...
Andrew is 'our' nephew - really he's Mark's but I've sorted of adopted him too. He has just finished training to be a teacher and has now started a new job teaching year 4 in a South London primary school. I have my IM running at work all day. Even so, I was a little surprised (pleasantly) when this popped up on my screen last week.

13:45pm 18/10/2001
Andrew says: hi
Jonathan says: Oh, Hi
Andrew says: sorry i have got my class in here looking at the projector and me typing so dont be rude
Jonathan says: That's OK
Andrew says: say hi to 4a!
Jonathan says: Three nuns go into a pub... :)
Jonathan says: Hi 4a!
Andrew says: they say hi back
Jonathan says: What's the weather like?
Andrew says: nice and sunny
Jonathan says: Glad to hear it
Jonathan says: What do you call a man with a spade on his head?
Andrew says: we dont know
Jonathan says: Doug
Andrew says: lol x 28
Jonathan says: What do you call a man with two glass doors on his head?
Jonathan says: Paddy O'Doors
Andrew says: much laughter again
Jonathan says: What do you call a woman with two pints of ale and an earthen ware jug on her head?
Jonathan says: Beer-tricks Potter
Andrew says: what do you call a fish with no eye (from sverrir)
Jonathan says: Don't know
Andrew says: dont be rude
Andrew says: fsh
Jonathan says: HA HA HA!!!!
Andrew says: sorry we must get back to our lesson
Jonathan says: What do you call a man with a saucepan on his head?
Jonathan says: Stu
Jonathan says: OK, back to work everyone!!!!
Jonathan says: BYE!!!!!
Andrew says: if we are good we will be back in a bout 30 minutes after our it lesson
Andrew says: bye x 28
Jonathan says: Bye, class.

A little bit later they came back for more. Bless.

14:33pm 18/10/2001
Andrew says: hello they wanted to say another hi to you
Andrew says: don't know why
Jonathan says: Hi
Andrew says: they want to tell jokes
Andrew says: hang on
Andrew says: why did the boy throw a honey sandwich out of the window
Andrew says: ?
Jonathan says: I don't know?
Andrew says: because he wanted to catch a bee!
Jonathan says: HA HA HA!
Andrew says: (i don't get it either)
Jonathan says: Quite weird!
Andrew says: daisy: why did the golfer wear two pairs of trousers
Jonathan says: Don't know?
Andrew says: daisy: just in case he got a hole in one
Jonathan says: Hee, hee.
Andrew says: chelsey: how do you pikachu (pokemon) on a bus
Andrew says: ?
Jonathan says: Give up
Andrew says: poke him on
Jonathan says: Ho Ho Ho!
Andrew says: already gave that one away my fault. One last one I promise
Andrew says: george: knock knock
Jonathan says: Who's there?
Andrew says: boo
Jonathan says: boo who?
Andrew says: don't cry it's only a joke
Jonathan says: Ha Ha Ha
Andrew says: we are off now byyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Jonathan says: Bye gang!

Wow! Where else could a forty year old man have a conversation with a group of 28 kids over the internet and it all be quite so innocent? (Note to self: have better jokes to hand at work)

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