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Saturday, October 27, 2001

On my mark...ACTION! (Part I)
The first set of filming is now over. I have a two hour break to grab some food before we start again. We started at 2pm doing some external shots at the Arsenal ground, our local football stadium. Amory (eh, stage name I think) asked me various questions as we sat on a wall over looking the terraces - what I thought about football in general, why I am a fan - stuff like that. Then we walked a bit along the wall of the ground and he asked what I liked about football kit. We chatted, we laughed. Then we moved on to the Arsenal shop where I talked about some of the stuff they sell and especially why I like the Arsenal kit. I also pointed out who the cutest players were too, the Dutchman Dennis Bergkamp in particular. We chatted some more, we laughed some more. After we had finished there we went to JD Sports in the Holloway Road to film Amory looking at some England kit and trying some on. Cue: hilarious scenes of oversized and undersized kit being tried on in the changing rooms. I eventually persuaded him to buy a simple England shirt and shorts so he can look the part tonight at 'Sports and Shorts'. I think he was pleasantly surprised that he didn't feel a complete prat in the kit. Maybe we'll make a footie fan of him yet.

You'll be pleased to hear I was the very model of discretion - apart from saying 'up the Arse' every chance I could. Let's face it it's low brow TV not High Art.

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