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Tuesday, October 02, 2001

Och ay the no, no, no, no, no...
Scotland has barred us. We are no longer welcome. Banned, snubbed and ejected. Why? Well, it was meant to be a quiet weekend away to celebrate Iain's 40th in a lovely 8 bedroomed c18th house near Stirling. Instead it turned into an orgy of debauched excess. All sixteen of us were up for a good time and that was exactly what we had. We had a fantastic time (thanks Iain), but boy, do Iain's friends know how to party?! The wine flowed, the food was unending and the games were fast and furious through the night. There was even drama aplenty too. Needless to say the volume was set to, how can I put this, rather loud.
iain just can't look!
Oh yes, and the reason why we are no longer welcome back? Just a little matter of setting off a series of explosions at 1 o'clock on Sunday morning that was heard a little over 5 miles away. Opps! Sorry Scotland.

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