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Saturday, October 20, 2001

Have I got news for you...
... returned to our screens last night. Funny, funny show. For the uninitiated it's a topical news quiz featuring the Master of Ceremonies Angus Deayton, prince of the put-down Ian Hislop and joker of the pack Paul Merton, plus two other guests. Last night these were Michael Crick (Jeffery Archer's biographer) and Rich Hall (the comedian).

During the show the subject came up of the 'entertainment' given to the British troops in Oman last week - consisting of Geri Halliwell, Steps and Bobby Davro (the rather crap 'comedian'). “Bobby Davro was entertaining the troops”, said purple-suited host Angus Deayton. “If that doesn’t put them in the mood for killing people, I don’t know what will.”

And the best line of the night.
Paul Merton: "And how did Geri Halliwell entertain the troops exactly? Alphabetically?"

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