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Thursday, October 25, 2001

The Joy Of Text...
David spends a lot on phones calls, particularly using SMS. For our American friends SMS stands for Short Message System/Service and gives you the ability to send text messages to and from mobile phones. It's fast, only costs a few pence and is unidirectional like e-mail. This is immensely useful as it let's you send messages like - "I'll be a few minutes late" or "Meet you in the pub at 6". People in Europe send zillions of these SMS messages every day. Note that we are not *always* late or *always* in the pub. Just often.

The oddest SMS I ever got was I think sent to me in error. It simple said "Let's do it again tonight - Woffy X". I didn't recognise the number and didn't have the courage to send back a reply to whoever Woffy is.

I've just got this month's phone bill. Not too frightening at £40.99 (over half of which is SMS, many to David!). Last month it was a tad over £143 (gasp!). The previous month it was in excess of £173 (eeks!). Luckily I have a very nice boss - who agrees to pay all my bills! The joys of having a company phone, eh?

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