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Monday, May 14, 2001

TW3 (that was the weekend that was)...
- Had a great night's sleep on Friday (due to new duvet, new pillows, clean sheets)
- Saturday afternoon Arsenal lost 1-2 to Liverpool in the Cup Final. Arrrrrrse!
- Missed the best bit of Eurovision (i.e. the songs) that evening as we were at a pub near by brother's waiting for food that turned up 90 minutes late. Double-arse!
- Had a crap night's sleep on Saturday at my brother's as the countryside at dawn is too fucking LOUD for my liking.
- Rushed back to compete in the Pink Angels charity pool competition on Sunday afternoon at Krystals. Got to the Grand Final but lost out to Central Station Walthamstow. We were representing Freedoms. It took 5 hours to play our way through all the qualifying rounds. Rather tired and emotional by the end. :)

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