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Wednesday, May 23, 2001

This came today...

Sex & The City

On your nightstand, one would most likely find:
O A pack of cigarettes and a half-eaten orange
O Black's Law Dictionary
O Handcuffs and Viagra
O A bowl of rose petal potpourri

The men you date all seem to be:
O Tall, dark, handsome and emotionally unavailable
O Short, four-eyed and frisky
O Rich and raunchy or at the very least, wearing fireman red
O Well-bred, well-read with a few roman numerals after their names

Your idea of a fashionable ensemble is:
O A vintage 50s slip paired with Manolos and a Fendi bag
O A crisp pant suit and tie
O A trench coat with nothing underneath
O A Cynthia Rowley satin dress and matching mules

In a relationship, you are:
O the 'abracadabra'... the 'poof'
O the big, mean Mommy
O In control
O Counting the days till 'I do'

Your idea of a 'score' is:
O A reservation at a hip new restaurant
O Squeezing in step-aerobics, the dry-cleaner and the New York Times crossword before noon
O The entire defensive end of the New York Giants
O Italian shoes, half-off

The one thing you can't live without is:
O Your laptop computer
O Your Palm Pilot
O Your copy of the Kama Sutra
O Your Martha Stewart Living subscription

Your motto could be:
O 'Why go forward when you can go backward?'
O 'Don't mess with me. I'm a partner'
O 'I'll try anything once'
O 'Nice girls do sometimes'

You wouldn't be caught dead in:
O Pantyhose and hair scrunchies
O A 'Mommy and Me' class
O New Jersey
O A compromising position

What: Party (Fancy dress if you like, but not necessary)
Where: (address withheld to protect the innocent! - let me know if you want to go)
When: Saturday 26 May 2001 from 8.00 pm until...
Why: House warming / Spring has sprung (Garry thinks it's summer anyway!) / Sex & the City celebration

You (and guests) are invited to celebrate the beginning of spring with Richard and Garry. The first cosmopolitan will be free, maybe the second as well, who knows you may be lucky. All you have to bring is your gorgeous self and a bottle of bubbly (nothing cheap please, the hosts will take care of that). Please complete the above questionnaire to determine which Sex & the City Character you are most like. Your analysis will be available on the evening at the party.

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