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Thursday, May 10, 2001

Pet Shop Boys...
As Closer To Heaven rolls ever nearer The Telegraph is giving away a free PSB CD to help promote it.

Closer to Heaven promo CD
On Saturday, May 12, the Daily Telegraph will feature an interview with Neil and Chris and also a voucher which can be taken to HMV shops in the UK and exchanged for a free CD of Pet Shop Boys performing four songs from "Closer to Heaven", including two new tracks. The four tracks are: 1. Closer to Heaven (slow version) 2. Friendly fire 3. Shameless 4. Closer to Heaven (Album version) The sleeve will be designed by Farrow as with all official PSB releases. Neil and Chris have begun working with Stephen Hague on the cast album to be released over the summer.
NOTE: There was a special 5 trk CD released earlier last week for Journalists only. This 5 trk CD is NOT the same CD being release through the Daily Telegraph.

We've got tickets for the first Saturday so we shall reserve judgement until then.

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