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Friday, May 11, 2001

It's the geese I feel sorry for...
Having spent ages this lunchtime with Marky in John Lewis I know all there is to know about mattresses, pillows and duvets. We chose the matteress first. It was fun lying on each bed in turn, rolling about and bouncing about and generally embarrassing other customers and the staff by equal measure. Not that two queens shopping in John Lewis is an unusual sight of course. The mattress we eventually ordered was some posh thing that takes eight weeks to be delivered and that claims to have a double-helical super-duper whatsit system. The sales guy blushed when I asked him if it would take three comfortably. Well, you've got to ask! The duvet we chose was stuffed with Hungarian white goose down. My dears, no one buys Siberian any more, white is the new black, feathers are so last century and duck is positively dead in the duvet world. The four pillows we bought were again Hungarian white goose down but we bought two with Hungarian goose feathers for added weight. So we're all set. And we have 350 bald geese to thank.

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