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Saturday, May 05, 2001

Slapton Sands...
Friday afternoon we set off for Devon. Stuart and Chistopher have a beautiful cottage down in Slapton that we go down to every now and again. The journey was fine - if a little long. Friday afternoon traffic coupled with the Bank Holiday crowd meant that we were competing with home counties finest caravans for motorway space. We arrived late, ate late but rose early. Sun bathing in the garden was followed by a marvellous pub lunch in the open air, followed by a leisurely walk along Slapton Sands beach to the 'gay bit' at the end. Needless top say with all this parading about semi-clad I got a little sunkissed. Or should that be son-kissed. Fabulous supper cooked on the arga awaits so I shall sign off now. Early to bed tonight. Sea air and country cooking take it out of a guy.

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