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Friday, May 18, 2001

Top night...
We went to the Gaydar Radio launch party at Heaven last night. It was one of those anyone-who-is-anyone kinds of bashes. The cute boys were out in force. Champagne and vodka flowed freely. A little too freely in my case. At least I wasn’t as bad as some people though… (feeling a bit rough are we, Mike?) Apologies to Henry and Cam for any leering and groping that might have gone on. I have no excuse but a lusty eye and a belly full of Dutch courage. We may be living in a high-tech era of chat-rooms and e-mail and but put a group of gay men together with free alcohol and you have a dynamite mix.
Note to self #1: When I tell myself to not drink any more. I shouldn’t.
Note to self #2: Neat vodka should be sipped not quaffed.
Note to self #3: Buy more Neurofen Plus – we’re running dangerously low.

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