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Friday, May 11, 2001

This weekend...
No plans as yet. The sun is shining. Bar Code is tempting - except I have armfuls of Hungarian goose bedding (see below) so I guess that's out. Maybe go out later instead as I'm not working tomorrow. Hurray!
Bit of house work. Cup Final on telly Go! Gooners! Go! Then to my brother's in Watton-on-Stone, Hertfordshire for the night. Pub meal in the evening followed by Eurovision Song Contest on TV. Should be laugh. I've a pop quiz lined up too if we're up for it.
Travelling back from Watton-on-Stone and straight to Krystals for a charity pool competition in aid of Pink Angels. Starts at 1pm so if we get knocked out early (quite likely) we'll be off to the RVT.

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