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Thursday, May 31, 2001

Last night was different fun. Bit like a blind date you're not sure what to expect. Will there be anyone cute? Will there be enough to say? etc. Remi and David have written it up well so there's little for me to add, except that on the way home I was a bit worse for wear and sent myself eight SMS messages which I piece together below in order. I think they were meant as some sort of aide memoire. No offence intended guys!
plasticbag - tom impish greymatter
8letters - iain irish marathon us marines
brainsluice - davo bright bt contractor
idiote - remi french cap gemini
scally - david broken arm rowdy
blogadoon - ian wisely nodded & looked on knowingly
swishcottage - david smiled and wondered who to fancy
zerocrop - mark looked a bit bemused dr who

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