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Tuesday, May 15, 2001

PSB-SMS (Pet Shop Boys' - Short Message System)...
David's challenge on Saturday was to get all the Pet Shop Boys' album titles into one SMS message (i.e. less than 160 characters including spaces). As a prize he would get me a copy of the free PSB promo CD from the Daily Telegraph / HMV offer. He seemed happy with what I came up with but it's only now I realised that I missed one out. Relentless. So here's a rejigged one to included that too. Phew! It took some shoe-horning!
Being bilingual my behaviour’s introspective. My life's discography isn't just relentless Disco. Actually my nightlife’s very alternative. Can I Disco 2 please?
This could start a trend. All the album titles by a given artist into one SMS. Any suggestions?

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