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Thursday, May 24, 2001

I don't believe it....
I've actually managed to setup a new site for blogging! It took me three hours but finally I managed to do it. And I know diddly squat about any HTML, scripting or anything like that. I'm really pleased with myself. :)))

What with blogspot being down (again) and a bit of encouragement from David and the ukbloggers list I decided to try and publish to my own site. I have some commercial web on Demon's servers as part of my ADSL account. Never been used. Why not I thought? Nothing to lose.

First I checked that the space was up and running. It was. Then I tried to publish something to http://www.overyourhead.co.uk manually as a test. One call to Demon later to check my user name and password I was in. Demon do something odd with their web pages. You have to publish to a \docs directory. So I had to modify the blogger template settings to take this into account. Also the archive folder needed to be created manually and again this new path needed to this added to the template settings too. It took me three attempts to publish (examining the FTP error logs each time to make small corrections). The last hurdle was those wretched "canEdit undefined" errors but a quick check on Blogger's help files sorted that one out.

So here I am. Up and running. Hurrah! Drinks all round!

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