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Tuesday, May 29, 2001

As it seems to be the popular thing to do…

One of these is false:
1. I've been a contestant on a TV game show
2. I've got a degree in General Relativity
3. I've got a bottle of whiskey with my name on it behind a bar in Tokyo
4. My favourite food is bread
5. I've had sex at the Vatican
6. I can juggle & unicycle at the same time
7. I have a fear of flying
8. I think red-heads are the sexiest people on the planet
9. I won first prize in an amateur striptease competition
10. I've sung professionally on stage
11. I'm a happy homosexual

I’ll buy a drink* to anyone who can spot the porky?

*(Terms and conditions apply. The terms ‘happy’ and ‘homosexual’ have been changed for legal reasons)

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