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Wednesday, May 16, 2001

And David had suggested the Black Cap...
After the quiz Ian, Carl, (insert name of manager of Compton's here) and I had fun putting the world to rights at Bar Code. Carl waxed lyrical about Cole Porter. INOMOCH waxed lyrical about Malta. Ian nodded. I nodded*. We both drank. By 2am I'd found my way home. Just.

* Oh dear. I just read Ian's take on last night. I see the words 'heated discussion' and realise that I probably wasn't nodding my head (as I remember it) but shaking it violently and arguing the toss (as Ian remembers it). Alcohol can prune the memory so effectively I find. Unless I'm very much mistaken we've both come up with acronyms for the same guy at the same time. ALF = INOMOCH. This must be like when women synchronise their cycles.

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