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Thursday, May 31, 2001

1. I've been a contestant on a TV game show - TRUE...
TVS used to produce a show for ITV called Tell The Truth. A panel of three plebs (us) versus three celebrities (them). The host was Fred Dinenage (remember him from 'How'?) We all had to pretend to be the same person and convince the celebs. They then each tried to find out who was the one real McCoy and who were the two Jeffrey Archers. We were up against Barbara Windsor (before Eastenders, darling), Leslie Crowther (arsehole before his Roller crashed, arse after), Peter Davidson (who was then Dr Who!). We all pretended to be an Eco-merchant from Cornwall. We tried out best but needless to say they weren’t fooled for a minute. I mean I ask you, do I look like a hippy?!

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