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Wednesday, May 09, 2001

Death and taxes...
In the post I just got this.

60 Cross Street
N1 2BA
Date: 07 Apr 2001
Veterinary Surgeon: Claire Lang
Item: Oliver
1.00 Euthanasia Only Cat (Incl Consult Fee) CL 23.50 VAT 4.11 TOTAL 27.61
1.00 Cremation Cat CL 11.00 VAT 1.93 TOTAL 12.93
07 Apr 01 CL 34.50 VAT 6.04 TOTAL 40.54

And I was looking at the amount and thinking. Why do I have to pay tax to the Government when one of the closest things to my heart is dead? How cruel VAT is. It doesn't discriminate between life and death. Someone kills my cat and I pay the Government money. Someone burns my cat to a crisp and I pay the Government money. I hate VAT. And I'm not too stupid to realise this is all transference. I'm feeling sad at the loss of my cat and irrationally transferring that to anger at the tax man. All the same I think in my considered opinion ALL VAT MUST DIE. KILL! KILL! KILL!

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